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A graduate of ENSATT (« École de la rue Blanche », Paris), Clarence acquired a comprehensive set of artistic skills by working her way through some of the most demanding creative jobs.

– For stage production companies: scenography, set design, conception of accessories, sketches and models, designing of circus costumes.
– Event management : sets designing for public events

– Cartoon production : research and development of traditional sets, or using Photoshop

– Teaching : Graphic Design at Ecole des Gobelins

– Freelance conception of various artistic projects

Throughout her life and while handling a large variety of jobs she relentlessly depicted her intimate obsession with erotism and sexuality through a variety of graphic productions. One of those led her to work with Franck Spengler on his “Dictionary of Fantasies and Perversions”, in 1997. (Pictures here)

But she felt a need to free her erotic musings from the constraints of a professional approach and from the social struggles of feminin eroticism. Her personal perversions are therefore nowadays exclusively expressed within the confines of her private life.

Recent exhibitions :

2013 and 2014 :

Erotic watercolor at Viaduc des Arts, Paris 12e, with 100ecs and « Les mondes de Domination »

2016 « D’Eux, exposition collective charnelle » at Yono, Paris 1er, with the Ygreks

Since 2015 : collaborations with photographer Laurent Benaïm for the scripted shootings .

Clarence now picks everything around her, always drawing, charcoal at hand for spontaneous sketch or more elaborate work as the world unfold before her and the people she meets inspire her.